Talking Trash Jaren Cerfy now available

One mom.

Twelve months.

A zero-waste


"All your readers are going to think I'm cheap. I'm not cheap. I'm frugal."  

- John, author's father

"Absolutely hilarious. But what else would you expect me to say? She's my kid."  

 - Jan, author's mother

"Would this experiment have saved our marriage? If we discovered bulk wine earlier it might have prolonged it for a few more years. No regrets."   

- Matt, author's ex-husband

"I can't believe I like cloth pads now."

- Jaren, Author


Talking Trash is not an instruction manual for how to become zero waste. It is one woman's story about how she transitioned while trying to balance career, motherhood, and separation.


Each chapter is supported with hilarious musings, childhood recollections, and real-life issues facing parents in today's world.

If you're curious about what it takes to transition to a zero-waste lifestyle and you'd like to learn from someone else's mistakes (yes, please), then get your copy!

Jaren Cerf (@jarenmusic) is a multipotentialite who loves all things story-related. She's a Creative Director, published songwriter, former recording artist, and now the author of her first book, Talking Trash: My Year In Zero Wasteland