TV Series hosted by Jaren Cerf



Episode One:  Waste Not, Want Not


What does that saying even mean?  We ask one couple (who has agreed to transition to 

Zero-Waste with the help of Jaren) and people on the street as we take a look back 

at humans in the early times.


* Native Americans - efficient use of animals, nothing went to waste - were they really content?  

* Which modern cultures are living zero-waste lifestyles?  Are they happy?

We analyze the couple’s trash and discuss the feeling associated with the contents.

Are there easy zero-waste solutions for items in their garbage?



Episode Two:  Wasted Brain


Keeping Episode One in mind, could Zero-Waste be a treatment for things like:

* anxiety

* addictive behaviors - shopping?

* mental illnesses like ADHD?

* people who suffer from general messiness

* Has our addiction to convenience disconnected us from earth and to each other? 


Interviews with psychologists, health workers, healers - and testimony from individuals 

changed by converting to zero-waste.



Episode Three:  Wasted Economy


We ask a lot of  “What if’s” to various sociologists, economists, and philosophers:

*  What would happen if we all stopped buying fast-fashion?

*  Am I hurting the economy by spending more on experiences and less on goods?

*  What would happen if the sales of Miswak sticks octupled overnight?  

*  Are we just not materialistic enough?  We don’t care how our products are made?

*  Is acceptance bad?  At what point do we get mad, as a mass, and actually change?


Episode Four:  Appealing to the Masses

How do you get everyone on board to reduce their waste?  We consult with several 

marketing agencies (heavy on research) to hear their proposals for marketing Jaren’s 

book.  Who comes out on top?



* What types of advertising for Zero-Waste have the highest impact? 

     Fear based messages? 

     Inspiration based messages? 

     Celebrity endorsed messages? 

     We try them all.



Episode Five:  Big Industry - Hope for the Future?


We speak with several waste management executives for big companies and learn more 

about new laws affecting waste production and management in Canada and the US.

* Interview with head of waste management for IGA - Zero-waste to landfill by 2020

* Is there room to be hopeful?  Can we still save the world?

* We follow traditional government recycling programs to see if they’re really efficient.

* We compare our systems to those of other, more advanced countries



Episode Six:  The Upcyclers 


We travel Canada to visit with some of the most clever and creative upcyclers to find out 

what inspired their love of transforming trash to treasure.  5 people.


* Turning a crib into a clever, wall-mounted pulley system for drying clothes

* Transforming old tires into ottomans



Episode Seven:  The Innovaters


We meet with some of the most clever waste management solution finders, 

and zero-waste designers and learn what inspired them to help mother-nature out.


* The kid who designed the boat that sucks garbage out of the ocean



Episode Eight:   Zero-Waste Home


We tour some local zero-waste homes and get the owner’s favorite tips and tricks for our

new couple who is transitioning.


* There are three families here in Montreal who profess to live Zero-Waste

* What were their easiest, hardest challenges?

* What advice would they give themselves if they did it all over again?

*  Sarcastic advice:  If you don’t want to leave a paper trail…if you’re paranoid - go zero-waste.



Episode Nine:  Make Me


We invite people who are used to consuming conveniently packaged products to try

different, zero-waste solutions.  Then we get their thoughts and opinions about it later.

* Cloth pads and diva cup

* Cloth towels instead of paper towels

* Lufa and zero-waste cleaning products instead of commercial products

* Bamboo toothbrushes

* Safety Razor



Episode Ten:  Zero-Waste Fashion


We visit several Zero-Waste fashion designers and multi-wear fashion designers to find 

out how we can make over our wardrobes in an eco-responsible way.

* Multi-wear pants, tops

* DIY YouTube make-over star who updated thrifted clothes

* Compare My Wardrobe - with a stylist and a capsule eco-wardrobe, we create an entire 

months worth of looks with just these staples: a, b, c, etc.



Episode Eleven:  Make Up Your Mind


We ask Marie Rayma (author of Make It Up), makeup artist Gelareh Kamezani, 

and skin expert (name here) to show us easy, DIY tricks to making daily skin care 

routine more zero-waste, while competing with the mega brands.


* DIY for hair - why it works

* Soap bars vs. Shampoo - the process of stripping

* Can homemade makeup actually work?  We put a makeup artist to the ultimate test on 

  different skin tones and types.

* Does glycerine and rose-water actually work?



Episode Twelve:  Transformation


At the beginning of this series, we convinced a couple to transition to Zero-Waste with 

the help of Jaren’s book and advice from the Zero-Waste families featured in this series.  

Were they able to accomplish it?  How do they feel about it?  What were the biggest 

challenges?  What would they have done differently?  Analyzing their trash in Week One 

vs. Week 12.

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